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The faster a patient is seen after an injury the faster the case will resolve. This is the principle behind WorkWell’s Acute Intervention Program. Patients are evaluated by physicians through the WellNet network within 48 hours of the initial injury. Furthermore, the prescribed course or treatment including specialist appointments, physical therapy and diagnostics is accelerated to complete treatment quickly. WorkWell’s acute intervention program dramatically increases the injured worker’s compliance and reduces cost and lost work time. Also, rapid treatment virtually eliminates the development of a disabled mentality.

Without the right providers it is virtually impossible to resolve work related injuries. Quality care from knowledgeable providers helps avoid the pitfalls that can derail a case. WorkWell’s WellNet Network connects the right provider with the injured worker. Providers are under contract to rapidly schedule patients, comply with WorkWell’s proprietary treatment guidelines and release critical information to WorkWell Case Managers immediately. By managing cases though the WellNet network from start to finish dramatic cost savings and significant reductions in lost work time can be realized.

You need the right information in your hands as quickly as possible after an injury. All providers in the WellNet network agree to transmit information to WorkWell case managers immediately following each appointment. WorkWell collects critical information about each case including diagnosis, medications, PT, diagnostic, physical capacity, work restrictions, upcoming appointments, and provider notes. All information is then release to the Myeworkwell website and can be viewed by all relevant parties at any time. All information is protected according to the HIPPA HITECH regulations. Information is available at any time, convenient, fast and secure.

WorkWell endeavors to deliver the highest quality of care to injured workers without unnecessary or unneeded care. All providers in the WellNet network are bound to treat patients according to WorkWell’s rigorous quality standards and proprietary care guidelines. WorkWell collects information after every appointment and interacts with provider and patients to insure quality standards are being met. Quality care has been conclusively proven to accelerate healing and increase compliance thereby reducing cost.

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The WellNet Network is currently serving 37 states and the District of Columbia.

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WorkWell achieves its dramatic savings and lost work reductions by managing injuries and treatment through the WellNet network.

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